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  • Save Hyrule

    Looking for somebody to come save the day! Please there are monsters all over place. You will get a lovable fairy to help you on your quest.

    • Unlimited breakable pots
    • Gems
    • other sidequests
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  • Mushroom Kingdom is under attack!

    I've never seen so many Goombas. We have been invade by bad guys. Some big dude stole kidnapped Princess Peach.

    • Mushrooms
    • Coins
    • Fire Flowers
    • Maybe a Hero's reward
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  • Fighters Needed for Tournament

    Do you think you have what it takes to be the champions? Sign up and be ready to fight to the death in MORTALL KOMBAT!

    • Fighting to the death
    • Ripping hearts out of chests
    • Very realistic graphics
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  • Secret Agent Wanted

    Looking for a secret stealth agent to investiage a terrorist group called 'The Shadows', also find out what the arms-dealing organization named 'The Shop' are up too.

    • Saving the world
    • Get to be Sneaky
    • Wear cool tech
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  • Aspiring mutant or true-kin

    Explore cavernous depths. Must be willing to occasionally avoid extra-dimensional psychic assasins.

    • Pay grade: 5-10 drams of water
    • Ok with fungal infections
    • explore tombs
    • treasure
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Completed Applications